Silkstudio Amsterdam is an innovative brand from The Netherlands that specializes in 100% silk sleep and beauty products for you and your baby.

Sleeping on silk has long been known for its incredible features, with dermatologists and hairdressers praising about the benefits. Silk is a breathable fabric with naturally anti-aging and hypoallergenic features, prolonging the effects of your beauty treatments while sleeping. Keeping your hair and skins natural oils from absorbing in and preventing the breed of dust mites and bacteria, silk is the safest option to sleep on.

Silkstudio Amsterdam provides 100% Mulberry silk products to help you get more out of all the money spent on beauty routines, facials and hair treatments.


With a shared love for beauty, fashion and traveling, Bengu and Stephanie -the co-founders of Silkstudio Amsterdam- are friends, both mothers and entrepreneurs who united their skills and strengths for their silk adventure.

During one of their travels abroad, they discovered the incredible benefits of silk on their own skin and hair and ever since, silk pillowcases and eye masks became their bedroom and suitcase essentials. The idea was born to have other women like themselves discover the benefits and the luxury of sleeping on silk.

Why don’t you join us on our journey for day-and-night luxury? We know that you will love it too!

Sweet dreams,
Silkstudio Amsterdam